What We Do 我们可提供的服务

We are a boutique accounting firm catering to small businesses, individuals, corporations, and partnerships across almost all 50 states. Although we service clients nationally, we have deep expertise within the Philadelphia and local Pennsylvania jurisdictions. We provide service in multiple languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese (South Philly)) and aim to serve, grow, and develop our Community for a better future.



Individual Tax Services 个人税务服务

No matter how simple or complicated your tax situation, our dedicated staff is here to help minimize your stress during tax season. Whether you own real estate, a small business, work across state lines, or need any tax advice, our job is to complete your tax return in a timely fashion while providing high-quality, value-added recommendations.


Small Business Tax Services 小型企业税务服务

Being a small business owner can be tough. Whether you need financial statements for a bank loan, payroll services, tax return preparations, help with an IRS audit, or a business consultation, our team of 5 CPAs and 10+ accountants can help you successfully operate your business.


Foreign Income & Assets Reporting and Foreigner Income Reporting

US Resident Foreign income or assets can complicate a tax situation. Our experts can assess your situation and create a strategy to fulfill your government tax obligations.

Foreigners often face complicated barriers when it comes to US income reporting. Our CPAs are experts in this area and know the ins and outs of reporting foreigner income.



Corporation Formation and Business Consultations

Starting a business is a challenge. Determining the right corporate entity based on your individual situation is a complicated process. Let us help you form your corporation while legally minimizing your tax burden, regardless of what state you operate in. 


Business Meeting