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Real Estate Investors and Developers

Complimentary review to find tax savings opportunities

New or small real estate investors

  • Organize your investment structure to safely limit your legal liability and minimize your taxes

  • Ensure that you minimize your investment risk with the proper insurance coverage

  • Provide consultations on how to maximize tax deductions

  • Financial reporting for lending purposes

  • Support Schedule E for individuals and form 8825 for partnerships along with any relevant state or city tax returns required for reporting purposes


  • 组织您的投资结构,安全地减低您的法律责任并最大限度地减少税收

  • 确保通过适当的保险范围将您的投资风险降至最低

  • 提供如何最大限度地减税的咨询服务

  • 提供用于贷款目的的财务报告服务

  • 提供支持个人所得税报税表的附表 E 和合伙企业的 8825 表格,以及报告所需的任何相关州或城市纳税申报表的服务

Larger real estate investors with portfolios

  • Complimentary and comprehensive review of your prior tax returns and current corporate and investment structure

  • Holistic and strategic tax planning for real estate and business owners

  • Ensure maximum depreciation of assets to minimize your tax burden

  • Financial statement, analysis, and planning

  • Financial reporting for lending purposes

  • Provide year-round tax and accounting support


  • 免费全面审查您之前的纳税申报表以及当前的公司和投资结构

  • 对房地产和企业主提供全面和战略性的税务规划

  • 确保资产的最大折旧以减低您的税务负担

  • 提供财务报表、分析和规划的服务

  • 提供用于贷款目的的财务报告服务

  • 提供全年税务和会计服务

Strategic tax planning for investors

Maximize depreciation and minimize taxes

Foreign investors with property in US

  • Prepare and report on any additional US tax forms for foreigners

  • Holistic and strategic tax planning for real estate and business owners

  • Financial reporting for lending purposes


  • 为境外投资者准备和申报任何额外的美国税表所需的相关表格

  • 对房地产和企业主提供全面和战略性的税务规划

  • 提供用于贷款目的的财务报告服务

Tips to taxpayers

  • Organize and document your expenses, especially repairs and maintenance

  • Keep clean records of purchasing costs of buildings, appliances, and renovations

  • If you use a property manager, ensure that they are properly documenting all your rental income and expenses to avoid issues with 1099s-it is owner's responsibility to verify accuracy

  • Make sure you have access to 1098 mortgage statements for each property you own in order to correctly deduct mortgage interest


  • 整理和记录您的开支,尤其是和维修和保养相关的费用

  • 保留详细记录如购买房屋、电器、与装修购买记录

  • 如果您聘用物业经理,请确保他们正确记录了您的所有租金收入和支出,以避免 1099s 会出现问题 - 业主有责任验证准确性

  • 确保您能获得您拥有的每处房产的 1098 表(房贷利息表),以便正确扣除抵押贷款利息

Competitive pricing with no annual commitments

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