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We serve all types of businesses and industries, from food and retail to real estate, farms and hotels.

Small and Medium-Sized Business Tax Services

Being a business owner can be tough. Whether you need financial statements for a bank loan, payroll services, tax return preparations, help with an IRS audit, or a business consultation, our team of 5 CPAs and 10+ accountants can help you successfully operate your business.


Dedicated accountant

Strategic tax planning and year-round advice for business owners

Competitive pricing and no annual contracts - cancel anytime

Our team of CPAs stay up-to-date on the latest tax law changes so you don't have to

Roofers at Work

Strategic Corporation Formation and Business Consultations

Starts at $550

  • Determine the most tax-efficient corporation formation strategy for today and the future

  • Develop a strategy that best meets your needs as a business owner

  • Gain access to our team of accountants to help support you and your business year-round.

  • FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Interest (BOI) Reporting and Compliance


  • 提供在税务上使公司持续受益的企业组建方案

  • 量身定制企业经营策略

  • 专业的会计师团队全年全方位为您和您的企业提供战略支持

  • FinCEN(美国金融犯罪执法网络局)的受益所有权信息报告规则 (BOI) 

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Comprehensive Sales Tax Services

Starts at $30/month billed monthly

  • Monthly service to help you calculate, file, and pay your sales taxes

  • Support for multiple online sales platforms and sales across multiple state lines

  • Support for a wide range of sales tax types

  • Economic nexus rule consultation and implementation


  • 计算、申报和支付营业税

  • 支持多个在线销售平台和跨州申报

  • 支持多种营业税类型

  • 基于政府经济规则下的营业税咨询及实施

Stacks of Coins

Starts at $60/month billed monthly

Flexible Payroll and Paycheck Services

  • Flexibility to choose your payroll cycle and paycheck type

  • File correct payroll taxes at the federal, state, and local levels

  • Choose the right service level and most cost-effective option for you


  • 制定灵活的薪资周期和薪资类型

  • 向联邦、州和地方各级政府申报提交工资税

  • 为您提供最佳的服务类型和最具成本效益的方案

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Starts at $50/month billed monthly

Business Tax Return Preparation

  • Year-round accounting service and support from a dedicated Accountant

  • Partnerships (1065), Corporations (1120), and S-Corps (1120S)

  • Expertise at federal, state, and local levels

  • Tax-saving strategies and guidance to minimize your tax burden

  • Support for multi-layers company structures (parent companies, subsidiaries, brother/sister corporations)


  • 由专职会计师提供的全年会计服务和支持

  • 合伙企业 (1065)、股份制公司 (1120)和小型股份制公司 (1120S)

  • 包含联邦、州和地方的精湛的专业税务知识

  • 纳税筹划和指导,最大限度减轻税收负担

  • 支持多种公司结构(母公司、子公司、兄弟/关联公司)

Our multi-lingual staff can provide your day-to-day service in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, or Vietnamese

Let us know what other services you may need

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Other Services

  • Bookkeeping, live or after-the-fact, online or server based

  • Tax Return Review and Analysis

  • Business Loan Documentation

  • Tax Audit Defense and Representation


  • 各种方式的代理记账及财务报表

  • 纳税申报审查和分析

  • 各类商业贷款文件

  • 税务审计辩护和代表

US government building

FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Interest (BOI) Reporting and Compliance

Starts at $300

  • Reporting required by FinCEN starting in 2024

  • Required for most private business entities with 20 or less employees AND $5M or less in sales

  • Penalties starting from $500/day for non-compliance effective in 2024

  • Consultations available to properly prepare and report to FinCEN in order to avoid penalties

FinCEN(美国金融犯罪执法网络局)的受益所有权信息报告规则 (BOI) 

  • 报告规则自 2024 年 1 月 1 日起生效。 FinCEN 将从这一天开始通过其安全的报告系统接受电子 BOI 报告。

  • 员工人数在20人或以下並且销售额在 $500万美元或以下的实体都必须报告

  • 自 2024年起,对违规者可每天处以$500美元的民事罚款

  • 我们提供咨询服务,以确保所有报告公司能正确准备并向 FinCEN提交BOI 

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