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We are a purpose-driven boutique CPA firm catering to small businesses and individuals in our Community.

We offer business & tax consultations, financial statement preparations, payroll & accounting services, corporation formation and bookkeeping services in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese. 

我们提供以英语、普通话、广东话和越南语为主的商务和税务咨询、财务报表预备、工资发放、 成立公司以及记账服务。

Tax Season 2021

Important information for businesses: Your business may be eligible to use 2020 business losses to write off previous year gains to receive a substantial, much needed tax refund based on tax law updates. Let us review your tax situation before it's too late.


Important information for individuals:

  • You may be able to receive extra stimulus money through your tax return.

  • Unemployment compensation may complicate your 1040. Come in for an accountant to review.

  • You may be able to increase your refund due to the pandemic through tax credits.





  • 您可以通过申报个人所得税获得经济刺激计划补助金

  • 失业金的领取可能会使个人所得税复杂化。

  • 疫情的影响可能能使您通过税收抵免来获得更多的退税

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