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We are a purpose-driven boutique CPA firm catering to small and medium-sized businesses and individuals in our Community.

We offer business & tax consultations, financial statement preparations, payroll & accounting services, corporation formation and bookkeeping services in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese. 

我们提供以英语、普通话、广东话和越南语为主的商务和税务咨询、财务报表预备、工资发放、 成立公司以及记账服务。

Small and Medium-Sized Business Tax Services


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2022 年税季

Important information for businesses: 

  • If you received pandemic-related SBA loans, grants, and tax credits, make sure to account for them the right way on your tax return. It is a common issue overlooked at other CPA firms.

  • Congress plans to increase Corporation tax rate to at least 25%. Our experienced accountants can help strategize your new corporate formation strategy or existing business re-organization.

  • PA Department of State requires Decennial filings for all businesses that were formed more than 10 years ago. We are here to help you file.

  • S-Corp shareholders are now required to file Form 7203 (Stock and Debt Basis) starting this year. Failure to comply may result in fines of up to $520 per K-1. Speak to us ASAP to avoid unnecessary fines.


  • 如果您收到了与疫情相关的SBA贷款,政府补助金和税收抵款,请确保这些补助在您的年度税单中被正确地申报。这是其他会计师事务所会普遍忽略的问题。


  • 宾州政府要求所有成立超过10年的公司提交10年一次的备案,我们可以帮助您整理并提交备案。

  • 小型公司(S-Corp)股东从今年开始被要求申报7203表(股票及债务信息表)。如果没有申报每个股东可能会有高达$520的罚款。请您立即联系我们以避免不必要的罚款。

Important information for individuals:

  • Child Tax Credit has increased and you may be eligible for additional tax refunds.

  • IRS has made it easier to receive Earned Income Tax Credit, do not miss out!

  • Unemployment compensation may complicate your 1040. Come in for an accountant to review.

  • You may be eligible to receive a deduction on your state and local taxes. Visit us today and learn how we can help you. ​


  • 儿童税收抵免增加,您可能有资格获得额外退税。

  • 新政策会使您更易获得收入所得税抵免(EITC), 不容错过!

  • 领取失业金可能会使您的个人税单更加复杂。

  • 您可能有资格获得州税和地方税的减免,详情请立即咨询我们,为您提供专业可靠的帮助。

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